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We are the original and sole creators of the lottery game board sciences in 1982.

Most of the lottery select science website were created and the posted products for sale to the general public is of our creation this is one to three individuals scamming everyday playing people out large sums of money.

Making books and computer software seemingly the way to go in winning these drawing.  Being the sole developer of these selection products no matter of how much money is used in playing a lottery game drawing there only one number chosen per drawing.

So the motto of this web idea stealing individuals is to sale the products by changing things around hoping someone make a purchase then used their personal information to do bigger things.

This two hundred and fifty pound guy we found to be selling our lottery information by making website this checking the person's background for future criminal endeavor is believed to be a domestic terrorist this is the reason for all of the false information with all the names and titles of supposedly people who have developed the same work as our but years later.

This is not a marketing ploy setup to weaken the sale of our information by these people this is a corporate warning that our products are being used illegally buying or dealing with these people is totally up to you!

By the way how can someone win a Lotto Game Drawing six times in there lifetime?

Everyone back years ago when the games had less odds won some publicize this others kept quite as for the guy who we have seen online doing just this ask him to win it again just one time to fortify his online sold computer software.

The odds of winning a Lotto Game Drawing today is similar if not the same to the population of a small city and remember there's only one number or person chosen per drawing.  So why would a person try and sell something to someone else which don't work?

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The Multi-State Lotto Game Drawings Are No More Than A Financial Scam

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